A little something for Dad!

Father's Day happens every third Sunday of June.

Father's Day 2018 is set on June 17 across the globe! It is a day to honor your Dad in a tradition that goes way back 1907. It is a special day to say thanks to your Dad and to all the other Dads out there or even someone who is a Father figure to you! If your Dad isn't around anymore, remember him by doing stuff you two use to do or tell stories about him with family and friends. It's always a comforting idea to look back at life with Dad.


Don't all Dad's love watches? LOL. For a more conservative budget, cuff links or a good quality leather belt are also staple items for Dad! But always consider what your Dad wants or needs. Sometimes your presence and not your presents, ha ha, and company is better than any gift!

If you are celebrating in British Columbia, Father's Day happily coincides with a lot of festivals and events. These are just a few you might want to take your Dad.  Save the date and prepare early.

Let me know what you did or if you have some great ideas for Father's Day?