Buying and Selling Tips

Want to sell your home for top dollar? These are 8 upgrades that you might want to consider.

Posted on Feb 08, 2019 in Buying and Selling Tips

As you may already be aware, the real estate market is very competitive and buyers are always looking for  homes to make their investment on. 

The goal is to simply make the home look like it’s been well taken care of. Every buyer would want to move-in to a home that looks like they’re the first ones to own it, right? Here are my Top 8 recommended hom...

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How can a CMA help you in buying or selling your home?

Posted on Jul 13, 2017 in Buying and Selling Tips

While a Real Estate professional has a thorough understanding of the acronym CMA, a normal person who is not in the field of real estate and who has not come across this term simply won’t know what it is. I’m glad you’re reading this because if you’re not from our field of expertise, you’ll learn more about CMA and how it can help you whether you’r...

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