Are you afraid of the dark?

Posted on Sep 27, 2018

Do you like to feel frightened? Darci and I have been a few times and prepare yourself!

Starting October 5th until the end of October Fright Nights at the PNE  is back. 
It has been an annual tradition that features haunted houses and amusement rides.

Each haunted house is designed differently and don't say I didn't warn you! Once you enter a haunted ho...

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How do you prepare for a Home Inspection?

Posted on Jul 30, 2018

Doing a home inspection gives you an opportunity to check out the real condition of the home by a certified expert.  You can then have a better understanding of the home's condition and either walk away from it, ask to have the deficiencies repaired or negotiate compensation from them.

Here are a few tips:

1. Hire a Certified Home Inspector recognized...

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Summer's best with music at the Perch

Posted on Jul 20, 2018

Did you know that certain genres or songs can make us really feel happy? I'm sure you had a bad day one time and then you hear this music and it sort of uplifted you. Apart from that, seeing live music can reduce your stress hormone levels. Add some more singing to it and you have got yourself a greater feeling of well-being. Music has that power!


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Looking for a unique Coffee House to visit?

Posted on Jun 20, 2018

Max Sloan is the owner of Pulp Fiction Coffee Shop and Robbie Rare Booksbeing in the oil business for 45 years, he had the chance to travel around the world. Whenever he travels, he never fails to visit the book stores in any city or town he go. This led for him to fill up a warehouse-sized collection of pulp fiction books, book ends and some oth...

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Give back to the Children's Miracle Network

Posted on Jun 15, 2018

Want to make a difference in a child's future? Give back to the Children's Miracle Network. The Children's Miracle Network, founded in 1983 is a non-profit organization that raises funds for hospitals, medical research and community awareness of children's health issues.

In Canada, they are a network of children's hospitals and foundations serving o...

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Retirees Drive Canada's Recreational Property Market

Posted on Jun 11, 2018

A recent survey of RE/MAX brokers and agents found that in 91 per cent of popular Canadian recreational property markets examined, retirees were the key factor driving activity. This includes established recreational regions such as Prince Edward County and Comox Valley. This is in stark contrast to last year’s findings, when retirees were a domina...

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